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Personalized programing that outlines your mind, body, performance roadmap and your long-term success strategy. As your coach and your mentor, I'm here to help you every step of the way so that you can design your own unique path to "unstoppable".

what you can 


I help underdogs show up BIG for their lives and step into the arena of hard things with little bit of grace, a whole lot of grit and an abundance of unapologetic joy!


Commit to a consistent routine that aligns with your specific goals and aspirations 

Build a yoga practice  that incorporates life principles like self-study, non-attachment, discipline, and kindness 

Make the changes needed to transform your current mindset to one that takes you where you want to go

Put yourself first and unapologetically take ownership of your experiences and your "real" to-do list

Set new boundaries and prioritize your well-being at the cost of "balance" and/or comparing yourself to everyone else

If you're ready to...

this is for you

You'll now be part of the AP family and community. Where you can expect long-term support and encouragement along your journey.

Post Progress Session


We set a system that works with your life to keep you on track with personalized resources and action-items to build momentum on your own.

Long Term Support


Every week you'll have a remote check in. This includes a loom recorded video from me that walks you through your upcoming week and what to focus on.

Weekly Coaching


You and I hop on zoom and walk through next steps so that you a detailed action plan and specific personalized options to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

90 Min Strategy Session


Let's talk details. Here I ask specific questions around your objectives and we drill down what's actually going to move the needle forward for YOU.

Personal Questionnaire


Catch me up to speed. Tell me what's up and let's talk about your challenges and what's possible from here. 

30 Min Discovery


step-by-step process


This is for you if you've completed your AP Foundations Coaching program and are looking for that next level of sustained performance. This include:

✔   Weekly Coaching "calls" via Loom
✔   Personalized yoga
✔   Custom audio and meditation
✔   Mindset and lifestyle trainings on confidence, habits, recovery, and performance

1:1, 3 month Player Coach Series


Build your personalized AP routine to lock in your mind, body, and performance habits for the season. 

✔   Complete the AP Life Design process to identify top priorities this season
✔   Receive 1 personalized 30 min yoga recovery routine
✔   Download practice, pregame, and sleep meditations for performance
✔   Private athlete podcast series (4 episodes on what it takes to play BIG) 

90 min Life Design Session


This is for you if you're interested in teaching yoga to athletes and already have a yoga teaching background (preferably at least a year of consistent teaching). This includes:

✔   3 individual remote trainings (administered once a month)
✔   Weekly Coaching "calls" via Loom
✔   Advanced anatomy + sequencing
✔   Teaching beyond the poses
✔   Customizable Intro to Yoga and Meditation deck to use for team presentations 
✔    Learn the AP level one set sequence

1:1, 3 month Yoga Teacher Training

 I am thankful to Annette for being such a great mentor

 and creating a program that is unique and so desperately needed in the athletic space.”

rowan, soccer

"I learned so many different ways to make myself better 

... I learned how to trust myself and not move towards fear every time something negative happened - but to learn, grow, and find love in those situations. I feel transformed.

ella, soccer

I'm so glad you're here, welcome to the family. Make yourself at home! xo Annette

Stay awhile

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