My Exact 3 step ‘get-er-done’ framework

November 27, 2023

Morning love,

I’m comin’ hot, because I know the middle of the week can be a beast.

Today, I’ma share the exact three-step framework I use to show up big in my life – rain or shine homie.

And if you stick with me til the end, I got a little somethin’ to boost your productivity and put a big ass smile on your face.

Tell me if I’m warm…

You have aaaaallllll the inspo and info in the world, but you’re still waiting.

…For one more sign, one more hope that things will slow down or life will throw you a bone.

Nothing kills the vibes of productivity like procrastination and self-doubt.

At some point, you gotta move, am I right?

Now say it with me: Action over perfection all damn day.

And trust me, I hear ya. The quarter is coming to a close, the holidays are teed up, and that Netflix marathon is calling your name.

Annette, lemme wait til next year, you say.

Lemme get my shit together before I get my shit together.

I’ll build a morning routine in January.

I promise I’ll get to yoga just as soon as ….

Let me stop you right there.

Waiting for things to settle is a losing game, because you know that I know that you know that I know that it ain’t gonna happen.

The real flex is learning to get shit done even when you know your life is a hot ass mess.

Which brings me back to you.

Sustaining momentum and moving forward is all about one thing.

Your systems.

You know the line… “You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

Come on James Clear! *cough cough*

Have you seriously not read Atomic Habits yet?

Oh ok, you have? Cool.

So let’s break this down.

Step ONE: 80/20 the hell out of your life.

If you don’t narrow your focus you will get swallowed whole.

Stop trying to do every damn thing. You can’t.

Figure out what few things you need to do in order to move the needle in your life.

My guy Pareto, says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts.

Which means, if you can ID your real to-do list you can eliminate the unnecessary.

If you haven’t done this for your life yet, grab my Life Design Builder and get on it.

Having supreme focus and clarity on your next best move is everything.

From here, you know exactly what gets your attention and what does not.

Step TWO: Schedule your “big rocks”

Now that you know what to focus on, break that down into specific action items.

Open up that iphone, pull up the calendar ap, and schedule it.

There’s something powerful about scheduling your time and allocating space for the shit you know you need to do.

Some days are easier than others, but knowing exactly what you should be doing throughout the day eliminates the guesswork.

Now it’s not a matter of confusion around what to do next, but execution.

This one takes practice. Because in essence, you’re learning to coach yourself.

So chill out if you don’t knock it out the park your first go round. Stay with it. This is not a get rich quick kinda party. It takes as long as it takes.

Step THREE: Run a vibe check

Productivity life hack: curate your “work” space.

My office is the dopest room in the house.

I loooooooooovvvvvvve sitting at my desk, surrounded by goals, pics, inspo, ambient lighting.

It’s the shit.

And more importantly, it primes me to focus.

It’s clean and organized and when I sit down I take action.

A messy space is a momentum killer and an energy suck.

Run a vibe check and build an environment that you look forward to spending time in.

THIS is how I build momentum and stay on track even when the kids are crawling all over me and the laundry looks about 10 loads deep.

  • Figure out what needs your attention and sometimes more importantly what does not
  • Identify your big rocks and schedule them
  • And create a work environment so conducive to getting shit done, it leaves you no other option.

Which reminds me….

I promised you something and here it is: My ultimate play BIG spotify playlist.

This is a collection of songs that inspires me when I need a little reminder of “the mission.”

Because what you listen to matters.

Click to play

Feed yourself powerful reminders of your resilience and grit, knowing that this journey will test you.

Let me know which song speaks to you the most.

And hop on over to the gram and tell me which of these tactics (above) you’re going to add to your arsenal this week. Hint, hint, you can add all three 😉

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